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Is your food authentic?


A lot of people ask us, "Is your food authentic?" The answer is YES. We use only authentic Vietnamese family recipes for our meats and sauces. We cook our Pho broth from scratch and prepare our homemade Taro chips daily.

"But pineapple in a freshroll? I've never seen that before?"

Well, that is because pineapple is expensive. In the U.S., diners have grown to associate "authentic" ingredients with what is commonly served in Vietnamese restaurants. But how did these restaurants arrive at such ingredients? If you took the list of Freshroll Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls' available ingredients, and picked out the three most inexpensive vegetables, then you have just derived what is commonly served in freshrolls at most Vietnamese restaurants (lettuce, sprouts, noodles). Throw in half a shrimp and you are left with quite a cheap freshroll. Most Vietnamese restaurants will still charge you $7-$8 for these. Sure, we could serve freshrolls like this, and probably make a lot more money than we are, but we don't' think they taste very good, and most certainly aren't very filling.

In Vietnam, authentic ingredients are simply what is seasonal and growing in the garden. And yes, that includes pineapple!

At Freshroll Vietnamese Rolls & Bowls, we don't skimp on high quality ingredients if it makes our freshrolls taste better. We provide a full serving of protein in every order to make sure you're full, and because it tastes GOOD. Our goal is to provide the BEST TASTING freshrolls you have EVER HAD - even if it includes a few ingredients you may never have tried in a freshroll. Come build your meal today!