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“This restaurant is my life’s dream. And while I was advised by many not to invest all my eggs in one basket, it would simply have been a conflict of my passion if not every penny and bit of my soul were devoted to sharing this very special part of my culture with the rest of the world.”

Nam and Chad met their freshman year at Stanford University, where mutual interests lead to a quick and lasting friendship. While Nam pursued a career in finance to earn capital for the restaurant, Chad went on to obtain a degree in law.  Little did they know that 9 years after graduation, they would be reunited and working together day and night to launch Freshroll.  Using only the finest ingredients and authentic Vietnamese flavors, Freshroll seeks to show the world just how delicious, healthy and unique Vietnamese cuisine could be.

Freshroll prides itself on using only the freshest and finest ingredients.  We use 100% all-natural meats, meaning no hormones or antibiotics.  Our vegetables are sourced from local farms when possible, and we strive to promote a trash-free environment by using only recyclable or compostable materials.  We do not add MSG to ANY of our marinades or sauces.  Come build your meal today!

Nam Hoang
Nam Hoang

Born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, Nam grew up enjoying everything the southern outdoors had to offer. He also made (and ate) lots and lots of freshrolls using ingredients from whatever he could catch or harvest.  By his early teenage years, Nam began to appreciate all the flavors and health attributes that Vietnamese cuisine had to offer.  Unfortunately, he also learned that most Vietnamese restaurant menus and service etiquette were often too daunting to many diners.  Thus, he realized his life calling was to create a medium where he could share family recipes and share with the world just how delicious and healthy Vietnamese food could be.

Freshroll was to be that medium – providing customers the ability to customize every aspect of their meal, while using only the finest ingredients and maintaining the integrity of authentic Vietnamese flavors.  In December 2011, with the help of a bank loan, a small investment from his parents, and whole bunch of support from family and friends, Nam left a finance career and invested everything he had into a small vacant spot at the revamped San Francisco Metreon.  In June 2012, Freshroll opened its doors to the public.  The adventure had begun.


Chad comes from the farm town of Soledad, California, located in the heart of the Salinas Valley and home to some of the world's finest produce, including most of the produce served at Freshroll.  After a few years of raising pigs, Chad made his way to Stanford University where he met Nam.  He then went on to obtain his J.D. from the University of Arizona and embark on a legal career in construction law. However, he soon found the opportunity to be a part of something special, unique, and connected to his roots irresistible.  Chad takes great pride in showing off the food his hometown produces and hopes everyone who dines at Freshroll enjoys it too.

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